Love Letters

To Lab Animal Heroes


The Love Letter Series is a storytelling collection by the biomedical research services provider, Transnetyx

The mission of the Love Letter Series is to connect the incredible, inspiring, and impactful stories of patients' lives and legacies with the people that stand in the gap for research and care for animals.

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Written By Bob Bean, Transnetyx CEO & President

One common misconception about a hero is that they only perform courageous and sensational acts in the public eye. Think of a firefighter who arrives on the scene of a house engulfed in flames and rushes into the furnace to rescue a trapped victim. Think of a surgeon who skillfully executes the emergency procedure that saves a life. These are grand and wonderful acts that deserve commendation. They grab our attention and force us to focus on the good that is so evident.

In the Love Letter Series, we would like to shift that focus and concentrate on a group of people whose work often goes unnoticed. People whose number one goal is to ensure that the laboratory animals in their care are healthy, well-adjusted and loved. They serve tirelessly every day all over the world in animal care facilities, universities, and private research institutions. These places are often the opposite of spectacular. Many times they are the humble places where committed workers perform their jobs day in and day out with careful hands. Their work is not rewarded with thousands of “likes” and “shares” on Facebook, pats on the back, or a segment on the local news for the hero of the week.   

Although little known, they are making a difference in the world of scientific discovery. These men and women are a critical cornerstone on which much of the foundation of groundbreaking research rests. At this time, discovery relies on healthy and genetically known animal colonies. Quality animal husbandry is the starting point for successful experimentation and accurate outcomes. 

There are times when ill-informed people have tried to marginalize or demonize this world of research. People who care for animals have been made to feel ashamed by groups that make inaccurate and unjustified claims. Despite the negative attention, these loyal professionals carry on using the strictest moral and ethical standards.

The Love Letter Series is designed to highlight this component of the research world and allow two specific things to occur. First, we want to encourage these individuals by allowing them to hear, firsthand, from people whose lives have been changed by their work. Everyone needs to hear those words of gratitude. These professionals are often left out of the accolades. Secondly, we want to link animal research to specific areas of science that in turn, make it into the lives of patients. Often, the daily work expectations of animal care technicians limits their awareness of the advances that come from basic research. We want to help restore a level of pride with which these folks work.

We further believe that if families affected by disease and people longing for cures were aware of the magnitude of this service, they would gladly say thank you. They would want to acknowledge the forgotten professionals that help make scientific breakthroughs possible. They would stand together and honor the team that brings hope for healing.  

We at Transnetyx have committed resources and time as a way of saying thank you to the animal care community. We see the work you are doing. We regard you as a vital participant in the research process. We recognize that you too contribute to saving lives. We applaud your commitment to integrity. We appreciate you for the faithful stewards that you are.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
— Anatole France